28 Aralık 2013 Cumartesi

çook çalıştım çook:)

 Harmony Sanat galerisindeki yeniyıl karma sergisiiçin yeni işler üretmek istedim. Bu miniminnacık baskılar süper yeni ;) çok çalıştım çook ama güzel sonuçlar aldım vesselam ;))
I wanted to do new works for the new year collective exhibit in Harmony Art Galllery. These mini prints are new. ı worked so hard, but it worth that ;)

 Here are the linocut plates...
 The trial editions...
 working table on progress..
Tea break in front of the electric heater..  deciding what to do next...

Hope you visit and enjoy the exhibit :)
Have a very happy new year!!!

10 Aralık 2013 Salı

surprise for the new year exhibit :)

 I painted some porcelain plates for the new year exhibit . wait for it I will announce the date here!!
they become so lovely...

my five year old son wants to purchase one of them already with his own money ;)

12 Kasım 2013 Salı

linocuts over woodcut

 these are the last printmakings I completed. photos are not good but the results are excellent!

Here are two monotypes I liked ;)

14 Mayıs 2013 Salı


I started cutting some woods spontaneously. With no images planned. In the end there became something good :)

24 Nisan 2013 Çarşamba

Minprint - Episode 3

 This is how my etching aqua tent worked out on Hahnemuller paper. It seems like the drawings of Seurat, so I like the way it goes on.. Do you?

18 Nisan 2013 Perşembe

Miniprint - episode 2

 I told that I was going to post the tracks. As far as I don't know how is it gonna be at the end. These are what I did all day long. Above is first linolium plate with orange ink.
This is the second linolium plate with green.

Aquatent preparation. this is the recine on the plate after melting.

 My working table..
this is the aqua tent print but with 90degrees left. upps!
Would it worth doing this? we'll see... wish me good luck :)

17 Nisan 2013 Çarşamba

Shopping for etching with acide :)

I made some shopping for the materials I need for etching. I still have some missing yet. With the ones I have the story goes on like this:
I did the first etching with acide in my own atelier today. I have done that for many times at school but this had to be recorded. This means that I can do any technique I want on my own. Yeay!!
You see a little etching printmaking, the zinc plate, and another trial edition above. Those give no clues about the work. So this is gonna be fun! I will blog the steps here.
Were you exited as I am when you first established your atelier?

16 Nisan 2013 Salı

My profile on Saatchi online

I was photoshooting today, but rainy and cloudy waether diddn't let me manage that successfully. I was thinking of uploading this work for the new showdown on Saatchi online. However just a few minutes ago I changed my mind and uploaded a different work. You can see My profile on Saatchi online by clicking the link.

20 Şubat 2013 Çarşamba

Art Fair 2012 and our stand / Tüyap Sanat Fuarı Artist 2012 Gravürhane standındaki sergimizden...

These are the oil paintings I made for this art fair in İstanbul. I used some colloges from my high school test books as the bodies of the trees; I say that's the re-transformation. I also used some leaf prints on some of them. Like them?